Wednesday, 12 November 2008


There was a double rainbow on the morning of my birthday.
It was very uplifting. I wondered if it was a sign - or something.
The weather was classic rainbow weather, rain falling through sun, light flashing on the streaming tiles of the houses. The light and colour on the sea were magical. Then the light and the colours faded back to slate-grey, clouds covered the sun, the sea became white-flecked and choppy.

Browning said:'The best is yet to be.' I wonder about that.


billoo said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!!
when was it, the 10th?

C, don't think I'll make it by the 4th.

Take care,


Celia said...

You mean WHAT was it - 10th?!! I wish.......

Sorry you wont be around in London when I am - again!