Saturday, 8 December 2007


'When gorse be out of bloom, love be out of season.' Cornish folk saying.

Gorse in bloom on Maryport Sea Brows 6th December 2007


billoo said...

Now here's real alchemy-the gorse
on roadside terraces, bristling with static,
spectator of its own prime, inclement challenge

or salutation brusquely in place,
hermetic at full display and rallying,
as best becomes it, spicy orator.

starter for ten?
No googling:)

Celia said...

O.K. b - tell me!

(Haven't tried it on T yet but will do so anon.)

billoo said... will cost you :)

Coffee at Euston?



Celia said...

O.K. Coffee at Euston it is. But when will that be?

Celia said...

WEll, T got close: Louis MacNeice was his guess. But, of course, I HAVE looked it up and must say that this quote is a lot more comprehensible than most of Hill's output.

So now I've added it on to the Christmas card I make annually to send out 'from the house', as it were.(Pretentious, or what?) So, thank you, Billo,- an unfailing source, as ever!

billoo said...

You cheat, you:)

Coffee..just say the word...